Cause I love nothing more than to look at my ugly mug in the mirror.
One day I noticed I had a grey hair in my goatee.
I went on through the week thinking I can just trim it out.
The very next week there were three more.
I told my friends "I'm getting old, do you see."
Now all I do is sit in the mirror and pout.
My friends say it makes me look distinguished,
I said "yeah like mr. fantastic."
I watched as they walked away.
I took my finger and thumb and their littles heads I tried to squish,
Like little ticks.

This life isn't what it should've been.
I am too young to use Just For Men.

If I shave it off I have baby face,
and if I leave it people say "Good one, ace."

Grey hair, leave me alone,
grey hair, go away.

Why can't you have a normal tone?
Gosh, this is gay.

Authors note: I deviated away from my usual serious poem formula. Originally this was supposed to be a serious blog post.