And if I could live on happiness
And years of week-old wine
I would dream at home forever
And be so lost from time

If I could live on wood land moons
And dreams that keep me high
I would tell the girl of morning
That Iíll see her in the sky

But I am just a bleached-white dreamer
All draped with black and white
And I am just a poor manís hero
Outside begging for a light
To guide me home

If I could live of passionís embers
And the scorn of computer tycoons
I would drink a world of stardust
And right that important letter soon

And If I could sleep in side a box
Down by the factory ward
Where nurses walk with corpse-like eyes
I would clutch my sword

But I am just the moon light watcher
And who is beginning at once to die
And I am just your empty echo
Fading backwards to the sky

Walk around the town at night
Look around at all the lights
Gleaming of your window eyes
Do you, my friend, want to die?
Oh its so soft and its so sweet
No income, no need to eat
Answer now and please donít lie
Do you, do you, want to die?

All that gleam is set in gold
But gleaming gems are growing old
Wizened hand and hoary hair
If, that is, itís even there!
Dreams will crumble, and will fade
Donít worry man I have a spade
Dig a ditch into the sky
Do you, do you, want to die?

Oh thereís no sorrow thereís no shame
In giving up a foolish game
Gods have rigged it all, its true
I would leave myself, would you?
Theres no purpose here to hold
Your empty husk from growing cold
So why donít you just look up high
Do you, do you, want to die?

So here is the knife of sweet Juliet
And here is the wager, some demons bet
Will I take that which I hold
Screaming gears and cogs run cold
My hands and wrists and side have bled
Fireflyís blink round my head
Each oneís glow, inside a face
Of friend Iíve lost, some saving grace
Someone hand is drawing near
A boney chill that makes all clear
With wisping wills who could resist
Feel his embrace, a final tryst
But all these paths I have walked, I know
They took me through such blinding snow
That I saw not where I would go
And now above the solemn glow
That beckons soft and beckons still
Such warmth, such love, such loss of will
But I fear to be with all
But I fear Valhallaís call
As I scratch this onto the stall
I am standing now and lifting the pall
Pulling it over that human face
That is not true that reeks of Grace
I will etch my own way to some new sky
ĎCause, I donít, I donít want to die