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Patch 2.3.

All quests from level 10-60 give more XP, and it takes less XP to level from those levels.
So leveling won't be much of a hastle.

And yeah, I play poopcraft.
My character list looks like this.

70 Dreanei Mage
26 Blood Elf Paladin
29 Dreanei Warrior
18 Dreanei Priest
39 Night Elf Hunter
14 Dreanei Paladin
8 Human Rogue
6 Night Elf Druid (The only Male)
6 Dreanei Shaman
21 Human Warlock

yea quest are ez but it takes crap load of amount of time and effort to get back where other people gears are just so that they are equal.....

i had a lvl 60 paladin with like tier 2/2.5 back in the old days
then i give up cause of time/real life issues and other stuff
honestly i say it was a good choice to drop the game.

it was taking way too much time then its suppose to. 4-6 hour of raid to get a graphic item, worst is when u didnt get it/jacked or the boss did not drop the item u want, so a wasted 4-6 hours for nothing