A Journey's End

The winding roads,
big open broad green fields.
The rocky hills.
Driven by your own will.
Traveling far and wide,
across the seas and it's tides.
To finally find the place to stop,...
To finally find your own palace,...
To reach the destination,....
Achieve satisfaction and end your weariness... rest now...
Has your journey really ended?
There's still time lent to you...
The projector is still running,
your story is still in motion and showing.
There is still time,
use it wisely by scratching away the grime.
Plan on how to enjoy till the last minute,
there is no limit to possibilities.
When the time comes,
you may leave your home,
Feeling all contented,satisfied,fulfilled,
and let go of your final breath with no regrets...
It's when your journey ends,...
you may look back from another land,
without sighing and just smile,
wave away the yesterdays and go with your pile of deeds.

This is the latest.. i did this 1 for a POTM in another site ^^ enjoy..