Hey there!

This poem could include anybody's friends, that's right, it's about friends. I hope you like it, I wrote it a while back late at night when I was supposed to be asleep (dear me) adn it turned out like this. It's pretty good still.

Enjoy and relate!

~I am your Guardian~

My hand is my sword,
And my body is my shield.
Fighting back your enemies,
I choose not to yield.

I fight all your bad thoughts,
And all of your fears,
I fight them all for you,
So you donít shed any tears.

Iíll break if you cry,
In the middle of the field.
Iíll crumble if you die,
In front of my shield.

Cuz you are my friend,
The missing piece of my soul,
And I ever did lose you,
I would never be as whole.

For you are the life,
I breathe in and out.
For you are my inner workings,
That give me my shout.

For my cry for you is big and bold,
And you would continue to live on as the future foretold,
I am your guardian,
Who guards you without fail.

Your enemies attack me,
To make me weak and frail.
And If I do not past the final test,
You still are greater then all the rest.


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