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Couldn't think of a better name that would make me sound like an idiot but meh. I have several poems that I found, that I wrote a while ago to do with the movie (and broadway I guess) of Phantom of the Opera. Not interested, exist by all means, but give me a chance please!

I wrote them a while ago like last year sometime I think but if your not interested in the movie, please check for the grammer and rhyming complications. It would be greatly appreciated still.

The poems are according to scenes and such, I'll post them according to their order in the movie. Please bare with me. They are also in Christine's point of view.

~Think of me~
I was talking to my friend Meg, the one with blonde hair,
Gossiping about why Carlotta left and who could it be.
Arguing about what to do next and having to refund,
The next thing I knew they called over me.

They asked me to sing the aria that Carlotta would have sung,
I hesitated at first but then sung with my might.
I looked over the audience and then felt the heat,
My eyes felt blinded when I looked to the light.

Singing the words, I grew high at each note,
I felt at that moment that I was on a smooth slide.
Everything was even, the way I was singing,
I could feel in the moment that there was nothing to hide.

I sung my last note, one that showed it was the end,
I received a big applause and then I bowed to them.
I walked off the stage to get my own privacy,
I saw all the fans and felt like a gem.

I walked to a small room, in which where I light a candle,
I prayed for my father and then heard a voice,
It was applauding me from behind the willowing shadows,
It almost seemed like it wanted to rejoice.

Meg came in and started singing some questions,
I explained to her what happened when father died,
Singing to her, I explained about the angelís presence.
And how I would always remain by his side.

Chanting together we walked down a hall,
Meg seemed to understand but not yet believe.
Why wonít she trust her own friend after I told her?
Maybe I am just a little too naÔve.

She comforted me as I told her my fears,
Although the angel does sing to me and heavenly his voice.
I do feel like Iím being stalked
And that I do not have much of a choice.


There! I hope you enjoyed it! I don't know who actually likes Phantom of the Opera because this is an anime site but, this section on peotry doesn't have to be anime right?

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