This obviously isn't that popular. But, for the people who actually do like it, here's chapter 2.

"What the heck was that story for!? You didn't even tell us what you were!!" Neither Kiba or Hinata got was she was trying to say.

"You idiot..." Shino was the only one who got it.

"WHAT!? You wanna say that to my face!?" Again, Kiba yelled.

"I can't believe you couldn't figure it out. The pain in her neck, waking up in blood, a dark figure. Isn't it obvious. She's a vampire." He didn't seem that effected by this. He began to play with bugs again.

"You're a v-v-v-v, v-v-v..." He'd always thought vampires were just a myth. And couldn't bring himself to say the word. Hinata didn't say anything and just looked scared.

Kurenai got a terrified look on her face. "No. Not again." She stood up and spred her arms in front of Hinata, Kiba, and Shino. "You won't get them too!"

All three of them looked confused. Kiba asked, "Uhh, Kurenai-sensei? What are you doing?"

"Look in that bush" They all looked, and all, even Shino showed it amazingly, got scared. There where red eyes glowing in the bushes. "Go away!!" Kurenai shouted desperately.

A shadow dashed away. Then they heard screams coming from the village. When they got there, they were horrified. Bodies were laying everywhere, pale and drained of blood. Blood was splattered everywhere.

Then Kiba got knocked into a tree and went unconcious. Then Shino was knocked into the air and landed on a rock. But just before Hinata could be blasted, Kurenai screamed, "STOP!!" Then she dropped to her knees and tears began to trickle down her cheek. "I don't want anymore people hurt because of me. Let her go, Take me."

Then a familliar voice said, "Alright, then come here like a good girl." The shadow zoomed by and grabbed Kurenai. When it stopped, he was holding Kurenai up by the throat.

Hinata could see plainly who it was. And she didn't like it.

"How could you? I trusted you. I loved you! And you just led me on to believe...that you loved me too. You're heartless." He threw her on the ground and stepped on her neck.

"You fool. I can't belive you were seriously that stupid not to realize who I was." He pushed harder on her neck. Then pulled out a kunai.

"No. W-wait. Please. Don't hurt Kurenai-sensei anymore. W-what has she ever done to y-you?" The shy girl deperaltely pleaded to him.

"What has she done to me? She tried to kill me numerous times. That's what she did. Now, if you don't mind, I have work to get done." He picked her back up and had the kunai aimed at her heart.

"Wait! If she's a vampire, a kunai won't kill her. So, w-why bother?" Still she tried to help her sensei.

"You idiot. This is a pure silver kunai. And how am I holding it? Gloves. Now, be a good little girl and shut up, will you?" Then a rock hit him in the back of the head. That made him drop Kurenai, who ran back to Hinata. "Ow! What the heck was that?"

Miyazuki was standing up against a wall, holding a rock. "Don't touch her. She's mine." Then he threw another rock and hit him again.

"Would you stop that!?" Then they got in a fight.

"You know, every girl secretly wants two guys to fight over her. But not when they're fighting over who's going to kill you." Kurenai turned to face Hinata. "Right?"

She just nodded with a smile.

Then Miyazuki ran off. The vampire turned into a shadow and grabbed Kurenai again. This time, no matter how much Hinata cried for him to stop, he grabbed the silver kunai, and stabbed it into Kurenai. But, Hinata threw a shuriken at him. And he missed. He stabbed her leg instead. Dissappointed that he wasn't able to kill her, he knocked her out and dissappered.

The next day Kurenai woke up in a white room with an iv, a really bad headache, and a bloody bandage on her leg. Kiba and Hinata were sitting by her bed. "K-kiba? Hinata? You're all right?"

They both smiled. Then Hinata replied, "Yes, we're fine. Are you okay?"

"I have a headache but other than that I'm fine."

"We'll leave you alone. You weren't out for very long so you still need rest. Come on, Hinata!" They left the room. But as they left, they saw Asuma walk by them and walk into Kurenai's room. Both of them, but especially Hinata, were confused.

"Hello Kurenai! Feeling any better?" Asuma asked with a smile. He laid flowers on a tray by her bed.

"Cut the crappy innocent act." She pointed too her bandaged leg. "I know you did this to me."