There’s a storm raging on in her heart
There’s a pain that won’t go away
She thinks all is lost
That nothing will be alright

For so long she cried herself to sleep
Felt the pain of a lost loved one
Nothing could ever compare
To the hurt and despair

He was always there beside her
Taking away the pain in her heart
Whenever she talked to him
She always got brighter

She always had felt things towards him
That she thought wasn’t right
For she had another
Yet to those feelings, She held on tight

Then that day came
That she took the risk
She told him how she felt
And found out he felt the same

Today they stand beside each other
Stronger than ever before
And the only pain she feels
Is knowing he’s always there

The pain is wonderful
Warming up her heart
She thinks about him often
Has dreamed about him to

For she has finally found
That love she wished she knew