Is your everyday personality influenced by anime or manga?

This is kind of like the "How has anime changed you" thread, but a bit different. I want to know if there are any "anime philosophies" that you follow. For example, bravery from Bleach, beliefs from Death Note... etc.

I think that Naruto has had a great impact on me. Even though it's fiction, the character of Rock Lee has really influenced me. I love his hard working attitude. In a lot of ways, Rock Lee stays with me as I do everyday activities. It's all about hard work-- not all talent. I feel like him especially when it comes to school. I'd say that my parents are moderately successful people-- but not biochemical engineers that a lot of my friend's parents are. As it turns out, my friends are geniuses... xD Well, maybe not geniuses, but really smart. Anyway, for things like schoolwork, they are able to have their parents help them... However, for me, I must depend on myself. That's when I think of Rock Lee! What would he do in my position? He would work hard to keep up with everyone else. And that's exactly what I do. =) I keep his philosophy with me as I go through the day. As a result, I am happier about myself.
"Always be better today than you were yesterday." That quote of his especially helps me when I'm feeling down when practicing violin. It motivates me.
I even have a little Rock Lee keychain that I carry around... I know, you must be thinking, "What is wrong with this girl?! It's kind of sad, but true. Anime DOES influence me... in a positive way of course.

Now enough of my own rambling, I want to hear YOURS! =)