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Thread: Vonnegutt

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    Post Vonnegutt

    Yes Vonnegutt They are a Pretty New Band But They are Vary,Vary Good
    I Love This Band....

    Hip Hop / Alternative / Experimental

    Band Members:

    Kyle "Double" Lucas: Rhymes/Vocals

    Neil Garrard: Guitar/Vocals

    Gage Brown: Bass

    Justin Tolar: Percussion/Drums

    Vonnegutt Biography

    As the name suggests, Vonnegutt is a band that strives to push the bar in today’s music scene. Tired of the pointless ramblings of some other acts that have flashed the pan of the music landscape in recent years, Vonnegutt looks to cross genre lines and blend their myriad influences and musical inspirations, hence the multi-layered vocals of co-founders frontman/emcee Kyle "Double" Lucas and guitarist/vocalist Neil Garrard.

    After achieving strong underground success as a solo emcee, but seeking to break new stylistic ground, Lucas began to draw on his love of musical variety. Citing influences from Chino Xl and Gnarls Barkley to Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco, Lucas was convinced he was capable of something bigger and took the initiative to form an alternative hip-hop band.

    Within a month of the idea’s conception, guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Neil Garrard responded to Lucas’s flyer at a local music shop. Garrard had spent the last three years performing session work for some of the south’s biggest names in Rap/R&B (Purple Ribbon, Dungeon Family, Pastor Troy, and Kelly Rowland.) Once the duo and met and realized their natural musical chemistry, they quickly began to construct what would later be the band’s debut.

    Needing a way to make his new band’s ideas more tangible, Lucas called on friend/producer Michael Woodruff to help guide their vision. Woodruff, an accomplished rock, hip-hop and electronica producer, agreed to produce the band’s debut EP and added his own unique spin to its sound, creating the promising underground success The Vice Nine EP.

    As the songs rapidly showed serious promise, Lucas and Garrard needed a full live band to progress to the next level. Soon to enter the fold were hip hop drummer Justin Tolar and funk rock bassist Gage Brown.

    The Vice Nine EP combines elements of rock, hip-hop, funk and electronica. With the lead single “Bright Eyes” taking college radio by storm, Vonnegutt’s music has been called “refreshing” and “unique.” So whether it’s the upbeat “On My Side” or the bizarre tale of being robbed by an alien in “Close Encounters of the 16 Bars,” it is clear that Vonnegutt refuses to be forced into any musical boundaries.

    Despite the band’s recent formation, with the success of “Bright Eyes,” the label offers have been rolling in. And though it is unclear where the band will end up, it’s for certain that Vonnegutt is definitely going to be one band to watch!

    I Dont Think You Can Buy There Stuff Yet
    But The Band Is Giving There 1st Cd a Way For Free At There Myspace Page....

    BTW:My Fav Song of There's Is "Hard To Say"
    Any Ways So Has Any Buddy Ever Herd About These Guys?
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