Note, the Dashboard Confessional inspired few lines just seemed to work with how I felt, as you could tell I was listening to 'Vindicated' as I wrote this.

With the hope that once dangled on a string within,

It was like slow spinning redemption that showed me
Where I've been.

And even so my verses are cut to mirror
intentions within and so isolated
I feel so under appreciated
Or is it in the reverse? Is my strength hither?

I'm so lost in the waves of time
The waves of eyes drowning me
In my past sighs
I lost a part of me in which I used to see
As something bright and great.

I know that I am flawed
I thought I was clearing up my hell
And cleaning up so well
But in the end I was ignoring
My feelings; the silver plated bell

Ringing loud ringing true
In the end I gave it all to you
The sounds of church bells singing
God's love supposedly bringing
Every single step I take
Closer towards you

But then we had to say goodbye
There were no end to the burning tears
From my heart and from my eyes
The cut you made on my soul was so sheer

It filled with the blood of loss
Releasing the grasp you had on me
The grasp I loved to always be lost
My eyes so blind that even fires died
To attempt to even let me see
The fires that died were inside
The fires that made me who I wanted to be