Eh, okay, let's see now... *feel left out*
I'm not really into the camera thingy though, and I don't really speak camera language... ^_^'
But somehow I gotta have one for my own, for my assignments, since I'm taking graphic design course.
So here's the detailing part: Olympus Imaging Corp., 7.1 megapixels, AF 3x optical zoom 6.3-18.9mm 1:3.1-5.9

As I've said it before, I dunno any camera language. I'm just typing what it says on the camera. XP

And I agree with Kaitou Ace and Wizzy. I don't simply shoot. I look for compositions and angles. Though I'm not into any photography course, I know a little about photographing.
Heck, I've done one of my assignments that I have to take a shoot for art stuff. And my lecturer was pleased that I manipulated the photo to a photo-feel like. XP