Instinct Chap. 2
Harbard: (arriving in Faust) Looks like I'm walking from here hope it's not too long before I start seeing poetinal children.
Odhin: (arriving in Madrid) Now this is probably the best spot to be right outside of a school in Madrid oh man so many to pick from. I'm not sure if this will be so easy after all.
Douze: (arrives in Uberiaa) back home ,damn that portal is really accurate, put me right outside my house...WoW Uberiaa has changed or should I say my house has changed(brother opens the door)
Jake: Douze?
Douze: Jake? (thinking to himself: man he's grown..looks just like dad).
Vulcan: (arrives in Vailor) Hmm.. I wonder if Mom is home Doesn't seem like anyone is awake I'd better wait til the morning.
Hashuto: Zoekima well I really didn't care where I ended up as long as it had children.
Grimm: I never thought I'd be back here, Tch, funny how things work out, well no since in complaining about it I asked for it after all,Time to get the three i came for.
Douze: ac..actually know who I am?
Jake: Sure I know who you are heck I've been waiting on you to return after mom told me the story.
Douze: is that so huh-
Jake: I wanna be like you big bro Can I go with you? huh can I? can i?

Douze: hold on a sec I don't think you'll be able to lookin like that. First you gotta train yourself do some push-ups and sit-ups and then we'll talk
Jake: Wow! ok I'll be ready in no time you'll see.
Mom: (comes to the door)Douze is that you? Honey Douze has returned.
Jake: Yeah dad hurry come on!
Dad: I'm Coming buddy...well well son hows life been for ya?
Mom: Dave he hasn't got to the door yet and your already questioning him
Dad: Honey I'm jus-
Douze: -mom it's ok, ha ha, but are you guys gonna just stand there or are you gonna give me a welcome?
Mom: Of course sweetie
Jake: Group Hug!
DaD: Well then why didn't you just say that in the first place ha ha!

Odhin:Well the rules were not to inneract with the children , though inneract just means I can't teach anything until the children are enrolled in Arckaum. Alright lets see what we got here ( sees a kid with a red baseball cap on)Hey! you come here for a sec
Kid: (looks puzzled)who me?
Odhin: yes you ha ha
Kid: I'm not suppose to talk to strangers
Odhin: (thinks to hiself: Man this kids smarter than I was hmm..better pretend just for now) I'm not a Stranger if you know me, my name is Odhin, I just want to be friends ok?
kid: well ok,my name is Jack.
Odhin:OK from now on we'll be friends meet me here everday ok?
Jack: huh? sounds weird, I don't think so.
Odhin: Jack by the way how old are you?
Jack: Sixteen why?
Odhin: Oh nothing just wondering(thinks to hiself^:Great he falls into the age range no younger than 11 and no older than 18..)
Jack: Dude your really starting to freak me out ( balls up his fist)
Odhin: (Sees his fist clenched) Oh no, You got it all wrong.
Jack: well you better start talking some sense.
Odhin: (stops the act) Ok ok, you got me, I'm here to give you a inviatation to a special school theres no way you can get another chance like this. (not anytime soon )
Jack:Oh yeah? and what if I don't wanna come to this stupid school?
Odhin: ( A glare of light flickers in his eyes) You'll meet me here again if you want to come, if not then cya round kid.
Jack: (curious about the glare of light) Umm ok, I'll come back, but any funny stuff
Odhin: No worries on that Jack.