I don't know where to put this so if a mod wants to, put it in the anime section.

I want to talk about manga vs American comics. Not about what's better or worse to some degree, but how things are handled in their respective industries.

Here is one of the points of the discussion. Take for example, the writing.

American comics can go on for years. They are usually the copyright of the publisher. If Bob Kane for instance left DC for Marvel, than DC would still be publishing Batman. Or the reverse, if Stan Lee left Marvel, Marvel would still be doing Spider-Man and his other classic creations.

I say this could be a good or bad thing.

With manga, it's usually done strictly by the original manga-ka. Takeuchi-sensei will ALWAYS have complete control over Sailor Moon as much as Toriyama-sensei has control over Dragon Ball. With American comics, many writers can change do it for years and it leads to ridiculous situations like retcons and bringing dead characters back to life, etc. It does get annoying.

But I guess it is good because it extends the comic life more. It just seems mainstream American comics never end. The longest lasting manga I know of is Golgo 13 and the original creator is still doing it since 1968.

With manga, you don't really get any of the things I personally find negative since it's mostly the creator that does it. Usually this only applies in anime like Naruto, Bleach, and Inuyasha fillers. Usually with the exemption of some cases, manga-ka's have little to no involvement with the anime counterpart. Like Initial D anime had some changes to in terms of chronological order of certain things like when Takumi races Kenta, the introduction of the Emperors, etc.

Feel free to add on to what I am saying or add your own talking points.