Well, I've dabbled lightly in Sig working, which was fun, but Now I've been Taunted by the ideas of Wallpapers and Avatars, <<; Soo, Yeah, now I'll stash them all in here.

I made this as a request for the Sig thread, I think it came out alright.

Two versions of My first ever Wallpaper I made ^^' I probably shouldn't have done the cut-out, but Its just so hard to resist doing it.

A Sig of the Wallpapers above.

My First Creation I made for my dear friend from RC and our clan's forum. After I first looked at it displayed on here, I noticed a few flaws, but Its decent for a first try.

Comments, Crits, Welcome, but Please, No flames ;-; I know I'm not all that great. Tips are Always Welcome ^^