um well k, i'm not a scary type of poet but i gave it a try, not the best poem in ryhming but you can read it to kill time i guess, short and straight forward, some idea i came up with, enjoy!

Closer and closer…

One step at time
Hurting inside my mind
Clearing the way of unhappiness
Closer and closer to sincerity
Peeling of my skin of lies
He knows he can’t yet he try’s
Avoiding his vengeance foretold
Closer and closer to uneasiness
Palms hot and sweaty
The reality is getting heavy
A man could choose if he wanted to
Closer and closer to savageness
This world full of hate thus wasted
Many bonds break feeling the hurt he tasted
Clear of deceit, is it alright to end?
Closer and closer to a story that never mends
And hence the thought of our mistakes
Open your eyes and stay wide awake
Because if you don’t…
Closer and closer it is the end for you...