Go ahead and dream
Eternal bliss but a cloud away
Dancing fairies, and sugarplums
Dream the days away

Broken hearts
And bleeding lies
Fragile morality
Like shattered glass

Broken arrow, and rusted sword
The battle miles away
So go ahead and rest your eyes
Conquer empires, and fantasies
As shadows creep in the night
And the stranger comes from hidden lives

Slip into the realm
Of horrorĺs so deep
Pretend it will all be okay
Live your fantasy, Carry on another day

Shut your tired eyes
Live the past
Ignore the future
Smile after the fears

Litter the ground with potent lies
And lay your soul to rest
Drift off to a dream
Reality to bend

Purple skies
And butterflies
Elusion of the mind
Broken glass in side your head
Parallel time

To converse

As the stranger sleeps,
Be safe for another day
Let your mind come out to play
As He invades your dreams day after day

Leave the world behind
Think itĺs all right
As your torn in two

Lower your sword, and close your eyes
Innocence at bay
Fight no more
Forget the life that you once lived
Let the rain wash it all away

Leave all hope, way behind
Do not scratch the surface
Lock your heart away
Drain all color from your mind
Paint your soul, black and white

Escape from fate
Lift the fašade
Stow it all away

Place the armor, far from sight
And lock your sword up tight
Slay no dragons
Save no lives
Let the snow fall
The keeper of time

Give your torch, to the sea
Feel no pain, no misery
Place your head, upon the ground
Hide from him, with out a sound

No more sorrow, no more tears
Hush your thoughts
Turn off the sound
Calm your breath
Slip back inside
Pretend your life was all a lie

Take no time to justify
Let the years pass you bye

Lay still drift away
Leave no promise leave no name
Write nothing upon your grave

Feed all memories to the sea
Remember not, for you cannot see
Blind your eyes with blank thought
And when he comes struggle not
Cradle darkness as your friend
Do not reach out
Do not see
Speak not a word

Let thought be consumed, by demons with in
Embrace the beast
Lock your life in a box
Throw away the key

Reach not for your sword
Lower the ivory shield
Let him drain it all away
Dream not one more dream
Lay all hope to rest

Live in but your reality
Rest your eyes and do not fear
The end is finally here

Erm... I was wondering if anyone could give me a hand and help me pick a new format I could put this in. I rather like it, but it just sounds odd...