Hello, all! It's obvious I'm new here, so..yeah.

[ I'd like to thank Wicked Pleasures for telling me about this place...and I'm sorry that I didn't realize who you were. ]

Anyway, Greetings once again! Now, how should I go about introducing myself?

Well, my favorite anime include Bleach, Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, Trinity Blood, and Blood +. I'm looking for new anime, so if anyone has any suggestions along those lines, don't hesitate to tell me. But, make sure you give me Blood! Give me hot girls and awesome fighting sequences!!!

None of that romantic stuff...

Even though I'm new here, I already got a thread closed. How was I supposed to know they already had that discussion? I mean, really! I'm new, after all!!

Well, I'll close before I get too carried away! ~Laterz~