For a while I've been having issues with this whole "existence" thing. When I think about the Universe and its begining I'm a bit stumped. Now I don't know all the physics involved, but I understand quite a bit. Also, it's not the events of the Big Bang that get me.. I can at least comprehend that, it's the messy bit about where did it all come from? No matter what you believe at some point in some time-like framework, something had to come from nothing. If you discount the presense of a Supreme Being, be it God, or gods or even a Flying Spaghetti Monster, there had to be a point in "time" that first chunk of matter appeared. Even if that chunk of matter came from another Universe, or a previous incarnation of this one it had to come from somewhere. If there is a "God" involved, where did this deity originally come from (and none of that "He was always there" stuff)? If "God" was always there, what did he do with the infinate span of previous time before he decided to create the Universe? As of right now I'm trying to decide if I believe the Universe exists at all.. In my mind it shouldn't be possible. The only thing I can sort of work out is a paradox theory, where an event in the future was responsible for the creation of the Universe (This was the basis for my poem Infinity Man in the poetry secion). What is making me write about this now is I just read that scientists now think they can look at the Universe before the Big Bang, and that the BB was not what created the Universe, but more a change from what the Universe was into what it is now. If space-time was really messed up who knows what could have happened, but that sill leaves me with the question of where did the forerunner of the Universe come from? Nothing? Maybe.. Am I the only one who thinks about this stuff?