I looked around and it might be non-existant or I just could not find it (most likely I wasn't able to find it) but I'm trying to find the rules for avatars and signatures. I'll LINK (not post) the ones I'm in question of but first...

1.) Are animate Avatars allowed? I'm wondering if this one is perfectly acceptable or not...

Avatar 1: SUBARU!
Location: Lady Subaru
Width: 120 px
Height 108 px
Size: 4.63 KB

Avatar 2 (Animted): Chris Benoits' BEST
Location: Chris Benoit
Width: 150 px
Height: 108 px
Size: 1108.7 KB

2.) What are maximum sizes for signatures? I mean for both KB size and dimenions. All mine are under 200 KB (both avys and banners) but range from like 100x50 to 500x200. There's two I was thinking about...

first: Benoit Tribute 1
URL: Mots likely is TOO LARGE but I still think it's great reguardless
Width: 535 px
Height: 214 px
Size: 33.98 KB

I don't have a photo editing program and therefore I cannot change the size of that one plus it DOES NOT help having a six year out of date computer. I have a few friend with the program though, I'm sure it can be shrunk to like a 500 x 200 or even an 400 x 200

second: Benoit Tribute 2
URL: Benoit Simpler Tribute
Width: 206 px
Height: 154 px
Size: 13.15 KB

I have more anime ones but they're all 500x200 because of other forums I've been to that allowed those dimentions. I'm trying to conform my Avatar and Signatures to meet the rules placed here prior to me. Thank you for reading and hopefully responding.