While I do enjoy watching the occasional anime every now and then, manga is definitely more for me (I'm a novelist, and a novelist needs to really enjoy reading...). For instance, when seeing a scene in the manga, I can vividly vizualize it any way I want, how fast or slow the character is, and my favorite--I can choose how the character sounds in my mind when reading; I know this gets especially irritating when watching your favorite anime and the main character makes you want to kill your television with fire.

Now don't get me wrong--I love anime. I have at least $300 invested in my legal collection, and possibly even more than that in my fansubbed stack. However, if I were to count how much I've invested in manga, it could possibly top over $1000 over a time period of about 6 years.

So am I alone, or are there others who, when given the choice, would take paper speech bubbles over animated action and voice-overs?