But he took you where you could not see
And he saw all you dared never see
And he made all that you were all you could not be
And you lay there with his eyes and blackness sea
And how sad and strong could you be
With all you love taken and then give back but three
Fruits which used to hover over you now rotting and free?

But he took you and you didn’t die
And he took you and you strained to cry
But how could you when you struggled just to die
In the basement where you could not see the sky
And all that passed over you didn’t even realize
You had passed away and died but you were still alive
And no one bothered save for him when he came down high
On himself and started to make you his in his eye

But oh god how could you still breath and still stand?
You are nothing now though you still stand!
You have nothing save your eye and your hand
And even that is tainted wholly and you don’t understand
How you could have done so wrong and to make the hand
That rocks the world rock yours until the entire land
Shook and broke and began to bend into a thousand bands
Of emptiness which now separate you from all you would now can’t

And Oh how! You were taken for nothing but what you are
No vestige of a thing that dwells away so far
From the reality of bodies but you were only scarred
But no far worse you were made to mar
Yourself inside of him while he was in you like tar
And how you drank it all and died and now you are

So badly beaten but somehow you survived
And tragically and sadly you have survived