It's been a while since i've attempted poetry, so here is my newest offering. Hope it won't be too angsty for your liking.. Oh yeah, leave a comment, ne?

A Little Thing Brings To Another

I see red again
The feeling of disgrace and disillusionment
The hoist of flames all over
The wave of fury washing the face
The end to harmonious rhythm
And breaking the defenses one by one

The eyes become watery
The ears become deaf
The nose become colored
The tongue become tied
The brain became entrapped and
The tyrannical heart ruled

In a spin of destiny
Everything goes differently
A smile or laughter
Can turn into sadness and distress
A grin can turn into a tear
Happy chatter may become poisonous words

The anger that rose
Cannot be brushed aside easily
The aftermath hidden
Was more painful than anything

The feeling I am feeling today
Was unspeakable
The feeling of losing control
Wanting to lash out at everyone
Wanting to vent out all the frustrations
Needing a hiding place to self torture
For being angry at the first place

I am losing my mind
I am screaming my lungs out
I am weeping but it is unseen
I hid but no one noticed
The war that I fought turned worse

It is no longer anger
It is a mental illness
The feeling was hideous
Feeling like a parasite
It was something bigger
Something more deleterious
It was depression

Sickness bloom like flowers
Detonate out of nowhere
Maybe they came from others
Was it just a twist in the wheel of destiny?

I was rendered helpless
I cannot pursue my own destiny
I cannot be a survivor
I am only a rotting corpse

A little thing brings to another
Now I am nothing
Whatever will come next will no longer be in my control.