and since i don't really post as much as i should be, i decided why not!

hi there, my name is nicki and i am slightly dumb. but i'm really nice, too. so it balances everything out! i've been watching anime since... ....uhhh. since before i remember. as a lot of people on this forum did, i started out watching sailor moon on toonami every day after school. i later went on to watching dragonball z and eventually fell in love with gundam wing, too! after outlaw star, i started to use the internets for my anime-viewing pleasure, and went onto to watch unlicensed anime.

besides anime though, i am a complete video game nerd. i love the legend of zelda series. i'm a fan of rpgs in general, actually. suikoden ii is one of my favorites. the old rpgs on snes are classic, and i consider those to be some of the best video games ever made. i wish i still had a snes. :< someone donate to my nicki-needs-a-snes fund. ty come again!

i'm also a WoW nerd. i bet you guys saw that one comin'!

welp. this introduction post is definitely long enough, so hay thar to all you other anime-video game nerds, and i'll see you around!