For fair warning, I'm not someone that doesn't at least know a good few years of basic Japanese. My only problem understands how to translate written Japanese such as Manga and Doujinshi.

I'm right now trying to tackle a few of my own doujinshi that I had purchased a few months ago; all of it is RAW (only Japanese text and sadly for the kanji there is no furigana written at the side like they have in most Manga such as Naruto). I've just now come across a simple looking sentence, but the structure of the sentence just confuses me as to what the English meaning exactly is.

The sentence is...

ところ, ナルト... お前コレ弱い.

Now I figured out that ところ, ナルト means roughly or around "No matter what, Naruto..."

However, it's the next line that stumps me because of the コレ and the . I haven't used sentences before with at the end, so I think that is what's buggering me to death.

I know that お前 is basically saying "you" and I also know that 弱い (written in hiragana is よわい ) means "frail; weak." I just don't know what the exact translation is to this simple little sentence. It's the little ones that bother me the most compared to the big sentences that you translate.

Help would be most appreciated!! T.T