The Goth Rock/ Death Rock thread that talks about all things that relate to two genres that defined an era of darkness in the light. I would really like that people refrain from posting bands like My Chemical Romance or Marlyn Manson. Neither one of those bands are Goth or Death Rock and neither made any impact in the culture. Granted Gerad Way did a segment with legendary Peter Murphy (Bauhaus) on Goth Rock but it was not directly on the fact the band is Goth Rock. Please if you have any questions on either genre private message me or search it on wikipedia. I hate that site sometimes but it does give good definition of what goth rock and even death rock is.

Here are some bands to really get into for beginners.

Bauhaus (Goth Rock)
Sisters of Mercy (Goth Rock)
Siouxsie and the Banshees (Goth Rock)
45 Grave (Death Rock/ Horror Punk)
Christian Death with Rozz Williams (Death Rock/ Goth Rock)
Joy Division (Post Punk but refer to as Proto Goth Rock)
The Cure (Alternative Rock but some albums such as Pornography show a lot of Goth Rock value)
Death Cult/ Southern Death Cult/ The Cult (Goth Rock)
Faith and the Muse (Goth Rock/ Darkwave)
Bella Morte (Darkwave/ Goth Rock)
The Cruxshadows (Darkwave)
Fields of Nephilim (Goth Rock)
The Mission UK (Goth Rock)

Just a select few.