I have often considered this myself, but I was curious what other's might do. If you were any anime villain, in a given series (you pick a series and a villain) What would you do, with the knowledge you have to defeat the heroes, or what do you think most likely to happen if you WERE the anime villain.

I'm going to pick sailormoon, first season, i'd be some random general no one heard of before, and i'd make my mark by setting up energy draining operations where the average junior high teenage japanese girl wouldn't go. i'e, i'd set up in the red light district inside a well trafficked 'love hotel'.

It wouldn't even be a major draining operation, just draw tiny amounts of energy from each customer. they'd never notice, and with the high volume of traffic i'd make just as much as the more 'dynamic and short lived' plans of my fellow generals, but with far less notice-ability.

OF course my plans would ultimately be foiled by queen beryl wanting to 'step-up' production, and forcing me to draw enough power to get noticed, or on some random note, one of my 'girls/youma' might see darien/mamoru on the street, fall for him, invite him back for a 'good time' and he being not yet attached to anyone (really early in the series) would see a random hot chick.. and be intrigued.

The stepping up of production would drain him more and more, the sailors would start to notice, and be all "We can't let a hunky guy be exhausted all the time! In the name of the moon and hunky boyfriends, we will stop this... whatever!" and start stalking him like they do all vaugely cute young men, and find out his nightly activities, have a hilarious 'wtf' experience and inevitably defeat me in a dramatic, but pointless display of youthful teenage hormones and emotional drivel.. oh and spinning tiara.