Uhh... Hi. Just wanted to post some of my artworks here in AF. I was convinced by a friend. Ummm... rather demanded to post my artworks, actually. So, Any kind of comment is appreciated. Thanks.

Up first:

Description: I did not edit this drawing in my computer, as you can see. I just brightened it up a little so that it would look cleaner. I first used pencil to draw and then I colored it using colored pencils. After that, I just outlined it using sign-pen. Actually, I did not erase the pencil outlines when I applied sign-pen because the outline will fade away. Oh, and you may see some of the portions of the girl are rather lighter or darker than the others. That's because I applied useless shading. Meaning there is no specific light source around the drawing. I just darkened it or lightened it because.... heh... I don't know. That's why I called it Useless Shading. Haha

There are others beside this. I'll post them if majority of comments on this one are positive. If not, well, let's just see what happens.