Hey Folks! Everybody goes on about Favourite Bands, Songs ect. But what about those peices of sheer musical brillance that make us remember a song?
So, I want you people to say what your favourite istramental peices are, from whole songs to intro's and guitar solos. Please try and say what band first, then the song title. I'll go first...

Love Sculpture - Sabre Dance
Van Halen - Eruption and Aint Talking About Love
Bert Weedon - Guitar Boggie Shuffle
The Shadows - F.B.I and Appache
Lynyrd Skynrd - Free Bird gutiar solo
Thin Lizzy/Metallica - intro to Whisky In The Jar
Iron Maiden - Ides of March, Transylvania. intro to The Trooper (plus solos), 2 Minutes To Midnight, Clairvoyant and The Clansman. (loads more though)
Pink Floyd - the entire album Wish You Were Here (seamless transition from 1 song to the next!)

I've got loads more to add and haven't even toched The Who or my Metal songs.