Okay, here's the deal. I was a likin-head for a VERY looong time until they embarked on a little project called MtM, on which they made us wait for too loong for 1 song that I liked. Hybrid theory and Meteora were 90% successes with me, which is REALLY rare, so I got psyched when MTM came out, only to listen to it and feel like I just wasted about half an hour in doing so.

I really hope they use shinoda for more than 2 songs, cuz he is like 1/3rd of their draw for me, the lead singer is really good, especially when he's with shinoda and then their music is the last third. 66% IS NOT PASSING EXCEPT IN THE STATE OF NEW YORK, AND THROWING AWAY 33% OF YOUR SUCCESS FORMULA IS A QUICK WAY TO FAIL ANYWHERE ELSE!!!