And oh what fires could fly
And blind these tiny eyes
And char them black and tie
Them to some sad reality
Which makes you ache to see
And so painful but I will set you free
With images all painted with words
All these horrifying new swords
Will be as flower-sheaths and hordes
Of rolling apricots that seem so sweet
As they come from holes in the street
And manholes they uncover a fleet
Of soft playing paper strings
Of a guitar which cast pretty things
Like all the souls that will rise and will sing
And I will paint them all
Rising from dead bodies under palls
Ashen white, they swoon and call
Out to be listened to with sounds
That ring like talking bells all around
Your heart which beats love through towns
Filled with monad souls
Like a philosopher once conceived with coals
Of fleshless desire and holes
Where you can climb and reach through
The sky which will open up to you
And give you everything you hoped was true
And all this in a blood-stained world
Where fire burn books and twirl
Round the light house where a little girls
Jumps to her death and screams aghast
And now her soul is roaring past
A sprite rushing into my pen and has passed
Onto the page and into your brain
And will make you so happy, insane
And free you from all thoughts of pain
So please let me give you my
Soul light which will reveal your eye
Mine was once in another life
A poet or a father or some other
A foolish girl or a dumb brother
Who gave birth to wisdom like a mother
Now I use him to light the way for you
Guiding you to something pale and true
That object of an azure hue
And I hope you will find all these soft
Beautiful things you can hold aloft
Even as the world is casting off
The lives that you thought you were needing
And even though you are bleeding
Pain rushing through you, hard and beating
Please listen hard and be free
Please listen hard and you’ll see
All that you would ever want
To dream!