Symmetrically Perfect


Under the eclipse of the star glistening night
A widow dressed in lace & gauze shall dance
Twirling among the cattails & moons
When love will take a leap & chance

A mate of black wisps & amber eyes
Walking through stunningly morbid pond
The dark nymph will follow him on & on
Listening to the ambient song

He'll take her hand & kiss her dear
As she dreams of violet scars
When'll she chew on sunflower morsels
And wake up with angels not too far

Cascades of bluebells that swarms her feet
The angels will pray for her
The clouds that cry, the ravens fly
And Hell's flames will finally unfurl

To reveal the blue skies of pure romance
Without the sins of seven
Misty pathways throughout the forest
Which leads all to peaceful haven

A sanctuary for the boy & girl
To be together forever during the war
They'll be wrapped in love silk & alchemy
A relationship that runs deeper than allure