Hey check it out, I'm Prezident X,
Nice guy maybe, but not a T-Rex
I'm here in the house thats made of gold,
Nah thats my toy house that I fold.

What do I govern? Nothin' really,
yet I'm really so extra goofy
right now, I ma gonna right the wrongs,
Cuz Prezident X won't be here for long.

But I'm gonna bake my favorite cake,
though there are so many things at stake
Ha, I'm gonna go walk, to see whats next,
Cuz I'm the super powerful Prezident X.

My bodyguards leave the spot thier stayin' in,
And I always think those guys are really aliens
I'm going to the limo and attend a meeting,
Though I feel like I'm bogus, and thats the feelin'.