Title : NG騎士[ナイト]ラムネ&40 or NG Knight Lamune & 40
Genre : Mecha , Action , Comedy, Fantasy
Number of episodes : 38
Vintage : 1990-1991
Star Child Records
Ashi Production
TV tokyo

Additional Information : This is the first part of a popular series in Japan . The lamune series has 2 TV series , and 4 OVA series.


Baba Lamune is a young 12 year old boy who adores Video Games . Ever since he was young Video Games usually have gotten the best of his grades ,however thats never stopped his rather rebellious and one track attitude . One day, after an embarrassing day at school ,on his way home Lamune encounters a young "peddler" girl , whom he buys a Video game from. The game was entitled "King Sccasher". On the night he bought it he beat it, and the girl name Milk who had mysteriously disappeared after selling him the game, announced that Lamune is the descendant "Nekketsu Yuusha Lamuness" (The Hero Lamuness). Lamune is destined to save the Hara-hara world ,a.k.a The video game (Which he is sucked into),from the evil Tyrant abruham .

Story (8.5/10) :

The stereotyped "Boy sent to the other world and has to save it" is overdone, BUT we have to take into account that the series is old . The content of the series is by no means tasteless and overused. NG Knight Lamune & 40 combines the classical aspects of anime with a much needed touch of humor . The series can also be very serious and emotional like :

If you don't like spoilers , I HIGHLY implore you not to read this

When Lamune arrives in a town full of ghosts , Milk and Him get stuck in a cave and have to wait for help . Milk however is in terrible health , because as the cave collapsed allot of gagged rocks had hit her. Lamune then tears his shirt and bandages her most vital wounds , he then carries her on his back and walks around hopping to find an exit.

Despite the fact it has some rather stereotyped , aspects the story is a wonderful concept.

Characters 9/10 :

Main Characters : Lamune , Milk , Cocoa
Opposers : Da Sider , Lesqua
Main villan : Abruham .

One thing I love about the names is that they are all based of Food, Drinks, Desserts ...ect . The characters themselves have big originality in Content and backgrounds and attitude. They are so enjoyable to see , and you always get a laugh out off them .

Art/Animation (6/10) :

I'd say the art , may be the only things that are not very satisfying. The art is sometimes disproportionated , and you can see that some panels have no effort into them.
However , the art is cute on my opinion and in the second half of the series the quality of the animation becomes better as well as drawing quality. But personally I'd rather stick to the ArtBook Pictures .

Music / Voice acting (9/10):

I LOVE the songs , they are so enjoyable and have a great melody to it. Both beginning songs are very lively and active . Sure the style is old , and you need to hear it quite a few times to like it , but I dare you to listen to either one of the songs and not hum it the next day .
As for the voice acing it's very good considering it is an old anime , the lip sync is perfect , and the voices suit the characters to a T. However I can't say much for quality , since it's old.

Overall ! (9.8/10):

This is definitely an anime not to be missed , To put it simply it's "Classic anime" at it's best. It has never been dubbed into English . Although if you ever happen to visit Japan you MUST watch it . And to be perfectly honest it's my favorite anime .