As much family
She has had
The "love" they gave
Still makes her mad
'Til this day
Her heart remains
as empty as it was before.

A past full of blood and hate
when she always
tried to seal the gate
She acts all tough and mean
but all along she's been alone.

Until the day
she ran away
Never to be seen again.
She found a new family
Ones that were like her.
She felt happy.

Until the force she has,
that hurt the ones she loves,
appeared before her.
All her fears,
and all her hates
Burts into tears
that introduce the blood to come.

All her hates
and all of
the traits she had gained
from her father
has now all drained
into what she knows now.

What people call "love"
She calls "worthless emotions"
From the wings of a dove,
more like a raven,
Bloodsoaked and meaningless...
What everything she has known
She has been crushed,...
Never useable...

She can never feel as if she's loved
because nobody excepts.
The magnum she holds,
the regret that feels
Showing none.

Her eyes fill with tears
Shoulderblades replace with wings
Changing bone to feather
Her hands change shape and size.

The beast she's fighting is herself.
The tests her family tried.
The gunshot that fed suicide
and the fear she doesn't want
Because of the way she
lived before
She can never find
absolute happiness...

(my mom wants a tattoo of one of these lines in this poem. ^^ My mommy luffs meh. lol)