Kinda bored so I came up with a poem...Enjoy ^ ^

The only one is the only one.
To never have such love be undone.
Such a force that many suffer in search of.
To forever be happy with the one they love.
Simply put the only truth stands.
As they stand holding eachother's hands.
Kisses and huggs are shared on them both.
High over it into love they dove.
Not hesitant forever trusting the other.
The one only they could call their lover.
The one person who was always there.
To love and cry with the pains they share.
Yet to be lonely and have others smile.
Never find true love and always beguiled.
And still dies inside at the expense of others.
Truly though that one had found it's lover.
Only to love and not loved back.
Things aren't what they seem as a matter of fact.
All lies and truths lay awake to pain.
Those who were mistaken caught in pain again.
A tortured soul and caring heart.
A heartless creature filled with hate so dark.
An intellect in whith potential has been seen.
Never being able to grasp anything.
All the pains are none to envy.
Forever alone and alone he shall be.