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Thread: Sign Up: Naruto: Leafs in the Wind

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    Default Sign Up: Naruto: Leafs in the Wind

    Approved by LPS
    Idea by Red Storm

    Yes it is what you all have ben waiting for, A Naruto RP! Here are some rules to get us started.

    Rules of this Thread
    1. All Rules of AF are applied
    2. No cussing [please]
    3. No Goddmodding of any sorts.
    4. Only the Game Master[s] play the original Charactors. NO EXCEPTIONS! [For now]
    5. Please only post once, its you need to repost you charactor then EDIT your post.
    6. If you need to ask me a question please feel free to PM me.
    7. Aprroved Charactors will be posted in the first post as well as me posting saying that you are. So look to those places for your Charactors approval. Please dont pm me asking if your charactor has been aproved. If there is something wrong with your charactor I will PM you.
    8. Do not beg for any positions what so ever. If you do you will not be alowed to join this RP at all.
    I am looking for another Game master to help me with this RP since I am not always on AF. If you want to be the #2 Game master then PM me posting a reasonable reason why you think you should be the one and why you are a good subject for the job. I DO NOT want to see any 'IM NARUTO'S BIGGEST FAN SO I DERSEVRE TO BE THE GAME MASTER!!'. I want a dedicated member of AF and RPG's.

    It is a turbulent time for the village of the hidden leaf, three years since the failed invasion the invasion of the villages of sand and sound war is brewing. Spies have reported sound making alliances with the villages of hidden stone, hidden mist, hidden cloud and hidden rain. Upon hearing this, the leaf immediately set out to make alliances with the hidden sand, the hidden grass, the hidden waterfall and the hidden snow.

    Now two equally matched sides are against each other, stone, mist, cloud and rain under the leadership of the sound against sand, grass, waterfall and snow under the leadership of the leaf. Both sides are sending in spies to gauge the strengths and weaknesses of either side, neither yet willing to deliver the first blow.

    Until the day that the border between rain and grass lit up. A quick team of scouts was send out from the grass, only to discover the smouldering remains what was once an outpost of the hidden grass. The fears of many were confirmed.

    The fourth great ninja war had begun.

    Above you can see a map of the Ninja world, with locations of the various ninja villages, borders and the major countries. You can use this as reference.

    Charactor Sheet
    Rules of Charactors
    1. No Uchiha, Itachi whipped the clan out, after all.
    2. No Jinchuriki, there are only nine after all, and I don’t want to see any “I have the 8-and-a-half tailed chipmunk” running around being overpowered.
    3. No curse seals, for same reason as Jinchiruki. Not everyone is one of Orochimaru’s chosen.
    Name: Your characters name
    Age: Your characters age
    Gender: Male or female, obviously.
    Village: Your character’s home village, any of the existing ninja villages.
    Alliance: Leaf, sound or neutral (missing nin)
    Rank: Genin, chuunin, jounin ANBU or missing-nin, pick whichever you want. Do remember that as a missing-nin you are hunted by the villages.
    Jutsu specialization: What type of jutsu does your character specialize in? Earth jutsu? Fire jutsu? Or is he/she a taijutsu specialist? Or does he/she prefer illusions?

    Personality: How does your character act? Is he grumpy all the time? Or is he happy like Naruto?
    Appearance: How does your character look? What does he/she wear? Describe here. Or simply post a picture.
    History: A small piece of text where you describe what how and when your character came to be.

    Sample Charactors

    Name: Takero Hamitsu
    Age: 37
    Gender: Male
    Village: The hidden grass.
    Alliance: Leaf.
    Rank: jounin.
    Jutsu specialization: Hamitsu specializes in the use of wind jutsu, which he mainly ustilizes to guide his projectiles (shuriken, kunai, etc.)

    Personality: Hamitsu comes over as very nervous; he can always be found shifting his feet or looking left and right. Some people call it paranoia, but his nervous nature has saved Hamitsu on more then one occasion. He is always able to see the difference between a harmless bunny and an ambush by enemy ninja.
    Appearance: Green eyes and green hair combined with the standard green jounin vest allows Hamitsu to hide in the long grass that fills the country. His green hair reaches to about his lower neck.
    History: Having had relatively little to do in his youth, you could say that Hamitsu made an easy chuunin. To attain his jounin promotion, however, he managed to discover the alliance between rain and sound about seven months ago. Knowing that he was now a prime-A target, his already nervous attitude was increased tenfold.

    Name: Kartori Matir
    Age: 49
    Gender: Male
    Village: The hidden rain
    Alliance: Sound.
    Rank: jounin
    Jutsu specialization: A no-nonsense dead-on man, Matir always caries a huge umbrella. Many people mistake this for a ranged weapon, and thus are very surprised when the 100 lbs weapon snaps their bones like toothpicks.

    Personality: Matir doesn’t like to wait, especially when on the verge of a mission. If he attacks you can be sure that it will come from only one direction: Straight ahead. His stubborn and impatient attitude make him easy to predict, but no less harder to stop.
    Appearance: Dark brown eyes with dark red hair in long spikes pointing in almost every direction and a random pattern. He wears a black body warmer over a dark blue shirt on which the kanji of ‘fight’ is written. He can always be seen chewing on a long stem of grass, or hay, or whatever plant he can get his hands on.
    History: Matir’s history is written in violence, ever since he joined the academy he was determined to become the best fighter in the school. He succeeded, and during his chuunin exam his reputation preceded him, giving them little to no trouble. He was the one who secured the treaty with the sound, impressing Orochimaru with his raw strength.

    Leaf: 8 Sound: 5 Nuetral/missing nin: 5
    We do not start until these are even. [Or close]

    Grigori Played By Breaeden "Luzy" Swordwind

    Matomoso Played By Natu Utan

    Reaper Played by Nespa

    Zenki, Ryuno played by Tetsanosuke

    Rain & Alyssa Played by I am your Stalker

    Kaitsuri Kaguya Played By danie-chan

    Ishamaru Riku Played By Crimson Eyes

    Kisha Played by Hitsugaya389

    Warui Katsurugi Played By Corath

    Akuma [Dakemaru, Saito] Played by Menchia

    Tsukiko Inoue Played By crimson_Aesir

    Yoshimitsu Siniku Played by Deathsye

    Hanzo Hyuga Played by Viperoushell

    Osamu Minoru Played by narian

    Hikaru Yamazaki Played by Nejiobssesed
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