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Thread: Sign Up: guardians

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    Default Sign Up: guardians

    this has been accepted by LPS

    well i never thought i'd press that beautiful button that says "new thread" but here i am.
    first things first, anybodys welcome. secondly i think i'll definatly need some Co mods. i get on the net once i day, which will help the RP space out, but can also cause problems.

    here you go...
    History of RP story: 30 years after the millennium earth suffered the biggest attack of the war. Ever since 2014 humans were targeted by the sadistic race called the Diterr. These super beings waged war upon all of earth’s properties including Mars and the planet of Geminia in the second galaxy. Earth is now a sordid playground for the young of the Diterr. The remnants of the human army are scattered over earth protecting the few settlements that are left. Many convicts and criminals are now serving earths proud militia force gaining small victory wherever it can be found.

    Earths marines call this sick alien race, the Pharaohs, due to the unusual shape of their heads and their fascination with gold. Their face resembles that of a wolf without the fur, it also has the strange protruding bone like the old headwear of the mighty pharaohs. They have powerful limbs and large wings. They do surprisingly have human like hands giving them the use of crude weapons. They don’t need to breath oxygen and can therefore travel quickly and lightly through space.

    They are a formidable foe that has brought the human race to its knees. They seem to have amazing hunting skills but do not seem to have a generally high IQ although some have been seen ordering others as a general would in battle. This has scared the human’s leaders into action; a clever race as powerful as the Diterr would bring the human's to the brink of extinction within a year.

    In a last ditch attempt to save humans, a ship was sent from earth to the last of the human major worlds: Orchid. Now on this planet a school has been set up to train the young for the battle against the Diterr. These young are given the name of the Guardians and are trained in the ways of warfare. The guardian school is set on the floating orbital station ST-04* on the southern pole of Orchid and has a population of about 2000. If Orchid falls humans would lose the last world that is habitable.

    The guardian school takes over the entire west side of the ST-04* station. The station was made to be as earth like as possible, with large areas of grass and with the metal decking of the station being covered with cheap lightweight stone. This station was relatively new and was powered by giant solar panels using the 3 suns of the 2nd galaxy. This means that the station has a warm summer like climate for three seasons, however for a week the solar panels must be shut off so as not to overheat, resulting in freezing temperatures and sometimes even snow.

    There are also shops, houses and all of the usual buildings found on earth. The school however didn’t even try to hide its harsh features. Five large metal towers made up the school in a diamond shape. The boys dormitory is placed on the left corner while the girls is on the right. At the top is the smallest tower, the theory tower, used for teaching students strategies and tactics. Also the library and astronomy platform are on this tower. On the bottom of the diamond sat the battle tower. This has 5 floors. On the first floor close combat weapons were taught, including the sword, spear, many forms of martial arts and many more.
    The second floor was extended out of the side of the building to give way to a giant shooting range. All forms of long-range warfare and explosive devises are taught here. The third floor was given special reinforcements on the walls because of the large amount of special activity in there.

    Magic is a rare and amazing gift in humans, while not so in humans allies (the guardians were made up of many species) and is mostly a very unreliable force.

    The fourth floor is simply a testing area, or a sparring arena.
    The fifth floor is used to teach the use of mechanics, including ships, special A/S’s (armoured suits) and vehicles. It is easily the largest floor and opened out to the large hanger like roof. This is where the vehicles are stored and it also gives quick exit out of the school. The ground-based vehicles are kept in a separate hanger in the school grounds. In the middle sits the hall, it isn’t really a tower, and is used for assemblies. Also in here there is the operations board, when a job request comes into the school, this is where it gets sorted out. The school grounds consist of a small man-made lake and a few specially planted trees for a calm ‘chill out’ area.

    You can join the guardians at any age between 12 and twenty (differs for aliens respectively) and you have to complete 5 years. In the first 2 years you take all lessons: Close combat, Long range combat, Mechanics, Strategy and Survival tactics. Magic can only be taken after year 3. In year 3 one lesson is dropped while another is focussed on.

    This is the 5th year of the guardian’s school and the students are already pouring in. Many are bent on revenge while some were sent from far galaxies for a just cause. All are ready to learn, as the threat of the Diterr gets closer to the last human stronghold.

    this is the one you copy.
    Sample character sheet:
    Preferred weapon choice: (if alien state any extra unhuman powers here)
    Stationed on: either earth (in the army) or on ST-04*(a guardian) or other (please state)
    School year or rank in army: ( if a guardian and in year 3,4 or 5 choose a lesson to drop and one to focus on)
    i'd like to see a few teacher in here, and a few misc characters, but it depends on how many people we get.
    Sample characters:
    These are characters that I would control.
    Name: Leo Fiest
    Race: human
    Gender: male
    Age: 15
    Preferred weapon choice: excels at anything mechanical. Is one of the best A/S pilots on ST-04*. Can also fly and ship and use any vehicle. Always carries a pistol. His own A/S greatly resembles a large version of a bear, but with metal plates. It also has two large thrusters on each shoulder that fall down its back. The bear uses a modified A/S size assault rifle and is equipped with four detonation charges.
    Stationed on: ST-04*(a guardian)
    School year: year 3, dropped close combat, chose mechanics.
    Appearance: (description or picture) he has a small frame and is skinny for his age, however he is quite tall. He has short straw-coloured hair and intense blue eyes. He is always seen with gloves on. He wears plain t-shirts and shorts, usually stained with oil from all of his work with the A/S’s. He has a handsome, good natured face, with sharp features. Around his neck he wears a small gold chain with a small golden horse pendant on the end. He is usually seen with a tool belt on, filled with the schools best tools. A small tattoo of a tiger is seen on his right forearm.
    Bio: Leo was born on earth in the year after the war and lived with his mother. His father was in the war. Before Leo was even old enough to remember him he died in the war. His brother joined the army when Leo was eight. By then the guardians project was well under way. Because of the services of his father, his mother received an invitation to a private talk with the leader of the guardians project. He offered to take Leo away from earth and let him live on Orchid until he was 12, when he would be allowed to join the guardians. She accepted, so as to get him away from the immediate threat. He missed his family but enjoyed his new life. He joined the guardians and quickly found his skill was in mechanics, especially in A/S piloting. He passed the first two years easily and is just about to start the third, his closest friends failed, so it looked like he’d have to make some new ones.
    Personality: he is very kind and likes to keep everyone happy. He doesn’t know whether the rest of his family is alive and this is a sore subject to him. He makes friends quickly and is loyal. He gets annoyed if someone interrupts his work on mechanics but in battle always keeps a cool head and is patient. Wants to do well for his father. The pendant around his neck is from his mother, the pistol is his brothers and the tattoo is the same one his mother had on her arm to represent his father.

    Name: Darren Feist
    Race: human
    Gender: male
    Age: 22
    Preferred weapon choice: sniper rifle also has most of his left arm repaired with metal plates after an old attack. It can be used as a small shield.
    Stationed on: earth (in the army)
    Rank in army: captain, sniper 1st class.
    Appearance: has the same strong features as Leo but his hair has been dyed black to help hide it, it looks scruffy and is in a ponytail down his back. His eyes are blue like Leo’s but hold none of the light, the war has taken it. He has many scars from fighting including the massive damage to his left arm, which is covered in metal plates. He wears the same uniform as the rest of the army, black and green cargo jacket and battle jeans. Also has a tattoo of a tiger only bigger, it covers most of his right arm.
    Bio: he has faced the horrors of the war first hand from the age of 16. He left home as soon as he turned the right age; although it hurt him greatly, getting revenge for his father was his main concern. He quickly rose through the ranks as a qualified sniper; only this had kept him alive for so long, if he wasn’t hidden most of the time he would be dead. He hadn’t seen Leo for 7 years so he couldn’t tell him that mother was dead. She has thankfully died of natural causes, she had fallen ill some years later after Leo had left. Earth wasn’t an easy place to survive in, he was placed in England to push back a large party of Diterr that were making camp there. He didn’t have a large squad but had been promised a small party of guardians… the elite, he only hoped Leo would come.
    Personality: keeps to himself but is a very emotional person. He never lets it out and is a strong leader. Keeping the rules of the army he never leaves a man behind. He is very patriotic of earth and would die defending it. Personally detests fighting but does it for his father and earth.

    i want no GOD characters, keep in mind that your human (well most of you)
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