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Thread: Steps A Waltz translation assistence.

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    Default Steps A Waltz translation assistence.

    Well, I have no idea where this [REQ] thread is and I've asked other in the chat but to no avail, no one answered.
    So if this is the wrong place for this request, then I'm sorry in advance.

    I was wondering what the romanji and english lyrics are for a OP called Steps A Waltz from an doujin game just recently released in Japan.
    The game's called Rozen Maiden ALiBAT and as far as I can tell, no one's bothered translating the lyrics to romanji and english as of yet,
    (trust me, I've been to dozens upon dozens of sites under googling the keywords: "Rozen, Maiden, ALiBAT, Steps, A, Waltz," and to no avail)

    The song can be downloaded here for translation: XXX

    Thank you in advance for talking the time out to read this.
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