Days grow long and dead
Until I see your face
A smile touching you heavenly lips
The pain for longing grows deep

You and I never met
Yet I wish that everyday
I could gaze at you with no regret
To hear that voice once again

If I could
I would never let you out of my site
Keeping you close
Til morning light

Though binded by my lover
I can only wonder
Only dream
of you being with me

This I know
will never come
We're both in love with someone
Happy as can be

To be with these people
All our lives
But I can't help gazing at thee

Your angel voice
Those lovely eyes
The cutiest smile
Seem like a lie

For now and until then
The day you leave my site
I will always wonder
Hoping to get a chance

To talk to you
At least once again
To be your friend
That's all we can

But you don't know me
And I don't know you
This is all but a little dream
Of a heart beating for thee