ok if ur birthday is in :

january - your birth stone is garnet - capricorn (dec 21-jan 18) : your horroscope.... Taking care of other people helps slake your thirsty soul. You have the ability to get things done -- especially if they're tasks that other people had deemed hopeless. This might become a permanent situation.

february - birth stone is amethyst - aquarius ( jan 19-feb 17) : your horoscope....you can forge new bonds and meet like-minded people. You can also gain a more relaxed understanding with a loved one, but insist on space from others. A personal goal is within reach, so make up your own mind in the months ahead.

march - birth stone is aquamarine - pisces ( feb 18- march 19): your horoscope.....Someone's actions don't entirely match up with what you suspect is their true character, and you're right. Their motives are totally different than their outward persona. Examining the whole person gives you insight

april - birth stone is dimond - aries ( march 20-april 18) your horoscope....When you're willing to help others, you find that many of the pettier and more egocentric concerns just fade away. Look to be as helpful as possible wherever you can. Take on an extra task. Volunteer for a good cause

may - your birth stone is emerald - taurus ( april 19 - may 19 ) : your horoscope ...Everyone always expects you to stick with the tried-and-true, but you have more tricks up your sleeve than they realize. An innovative idea has twice the impact coming from you. People are paying attention

june - birth stone is pearl - gemini ( may 20 - june 20 ) : your horoscope is .....An unexpected development is really a fairy godmother wearing a cleverly impenetrable disguise. When you think about it, it dawns on you that not only is this what you really wanted all along, it's exactly what you need

july - birth stone is ruby - cancer ( june 21- july 21 ) :your horoscope....Many times, the simplest solutions are the most ingenious (especially when everyone else is so busy freaking out they can't recognize them). Don't be afraid to mention the obvious and you'll look like a genius

august - birth stone is peridot - leo ( july 22- august 22) :your horoscope ...Why not give yourself the gift of care and attention? Once you do, you'll see how many resources you actually have within your grasp. That will make it easier to find opportunities to give to other people

september - birth stone is sapphire - virgo ( august 23 -sept 21) :your horoscope....Free your mind of its limits and constraints. You'll be delighted by the concepts that come up. When you're talking about them with other people, use friendly similes -- you'll find they'll grasp the essentials quicker

october - birth stone is opal - libra ( sept 22- oct 22 ) : your horoscope...In the same way that a homemade cake tastes much better than a mix, self-created luck is all the sweeter than someone giving you something. Hard work, perseverance and timing will get you where you want to go.

november - birth stone is yellow topaz - scorpio ( oct 23- nov 21 ) : your horoscope....You know what you like and you're definitely, positively, absolutely sure you don't like what's going on right now. But wait a minute. If you give it time, you might find this is just what you needed; so be patient.

december - birth stone is blue topaz - sagittarius ( nov 22 - dec 20 ) : your horoscope....Happiness is a state of mind. It's not dictated by outward circumstances -- really. Learning to see a situation as it is, not as you hoped or feared it would be, is one of the keys to being content

im a scorpio ( november baby )