Unfortunately we don't learn to read Kanji for another year (201 course; I'm starting 102 course in 2 weeks), so I couldn't read...well, any of that...the only Kanji I know are the numbers except 7 (Komamura-taicho wasn't a prominent enough character in Bleach :P) and "hito".

The problem is the second "because" and the first (implied) "because" have different meanings, and I wouldn't know how to structure those using "kara" (I'm too lazy to switch to Japanese in case anyone's wondering why I'm typing in Romanji...I've really gotta set up a hotkey one of these days :P). Also, that site doesn't say how to create the subordinate clause "how many people comment on this".

Oh, and after checking out that site, I feel kind of stupid...we were taught to use "wa" for question phrases, like "ano hito wa dare desu ka" (lit. "that person is who?", used as "who is that person?"). Apparentely we don't how to properly use "ga" till 201...a friend of mine who just finished 102 said she didn't learn it. We also only learned the formal form, which is why I use "desu" all the time (in case anyone's wondering)...casual form is in about a month (although I know some from Anime).