First i wanna say or mention to you what seiyuu means. Seiyuu are those people who voice your fave anime.
well i am here to let you hear some music that i couldn't determin who and would like to know on
who this people are. Ok, this is worth downloading. I mean if didn't get the chance
to figure out some don't feel bad i am sure you will love the music too!

part 1: seiyuu singers
This are music or ost's. I am not sure if these are from some anime but
if you recognize one please do encode it and post it here furthermore, if you recognize the
seiyuu or the singer then i would like to know the name. If you heard the voice from some music
please tell me and i will look for it, just give me the names of course.
seeiyu rar.

Part 2: Bonus
this i wanna track who sang or who the heck is this people. If you know the anime or rather if
this id from some anime then i please wrote it down. Any info will do.
bonus tracks

Part 3: seeiyu voices or anime voices.
PLEASE HELP ME GUESS WHO THESE PERSON ARE!! it's ok if you give me the anime not the seiyuu. Or you can gues like
forexample, "i heard this voice and it's the same as blah blah."
voice clips.

thanks guys, i hope some can help... this is rather hard.
please do help >.< i need a help to those of you! >.<