Another uneventful day,
gone astray,
with a sky of such gray,

sickness and death all around,
diseases and virus' filling the ground,

waiting for things to become greener,
as I battle once again with the reaper,

robbery and murder,
patricide and mass genocide,

kool aid,
or terrorist raid,

it makes no difference,
except by indifference,

in the end its all the same,
in this weird game,

we all call life,
everyday is filled of constant strife,

people have started calling me by mister,
as I take a stand against the reaper,

another great loss,
for small gain,

another coat of bloody gloss,
for this world thats gone insane,

that just sits and waits for their saviour,
they are better off just trying to savor,

that last little taste they'll ever have,
as the reaper always has the last laugh.