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Thread: Ragnarok Battle Offline STs

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    Default Ragnarok Battle Offline STs

    I wasn't sure which board to post this in, but...

    Would someone post the romaji track list for the RBO STs, Adventurer's Inn and Chocolate Night, with title and artist(s)?

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    Cool Answer...


    I'm fanatic of this game due to his gameplay, graphics and soundtracks. This game has everything.
    I've the soundtracks of this game with the disc information in japanese, but I've tried to translate it for you.
    The accuracy of the translation isn't the better because I'm novice in the japanese translation area (also, think about english is not my language, ¡y no sé qué diablos estoy haciendo en éste foro! ). But I think this could help you.
    All the *?* marks means that I didn't understand the meaning of the word, giving the inconsistency of the sentence as a result.
    All the songs in this disc was performed by Rei Usagi.

    Disc 1:

    1. RBOTA (kidou ji rogo)
    RBOTA (Starting logo)

    2. Sajin no kanata he (OP teema furu koorasu ban)
    To the far side of sand and dust (Opening theme full chorus edition)

    3. Afternoon Days - tatoeba sonna odayaka na gogo ni (sakaba)
    Afternoon Days - For example, such a calm in the afternoon (bar)

    4. sa*?*bouken da (kyarakutaa serekuto)
    It is *?* venture (Character selection)

    5. yuukyuu no kaze densetsu (MAP serekuto)
    The wind legend of eternity (Map selection)

    6. sorairo no merodi (suteeji 1)
    Sky-colored melody (Stage 1)

    7. shiawase no aoi usagi (ekuripusu no teema)
    Happy blue rabbit (Eclipse's theme)

    8. kashiramoji G (suteeji kuria)
    Initial G (Stage clear)

    9. shakunetsu no daichi o koe te (suteeji 2 sabaku eria)
    Exceeding the ground of ignition (Stage 2, desert area)

    10. chi no soko ni ugomeku (suteeji 2 chika eria)
    Wriggle to the bottom of area (Stage 2, underground area)

    11. Absolute Power (maya no teema)
    Absolute Power (Maya's theme)

    12. shisha no nemuru seiiki (suteeji 3)
    The sacred precinct where the deceased sleeps (Stage 3)

    13. Be Careful! (suteeji 3 ooiwa)
    Be Careful! (Stage 3, big rock)

    14. itazura ko kitsune dai. hashi (u*?*ruyafa no teema)
    Mischievous child fox Ooturu running (Moonlight Flower's theme)

    15. Jungle Strike - fukaki mori no morito (suteeji 4)
    Jungle Strike - It is deep, it comes, the forest's forest-person (Stage 4)

    16. chou aniki to watashi (ooku hiiroo no teema)
    Super brother and me (Orc Hero's theme)

    17. mi zube no iki mo no (suteeji 5)
    Going without seeing anything (Stage 5)

    18. diipuburuu - kaitei shinwa (suteeji 5 shinkai eria)
    Deep blue - Seabed myth (stage 5, deep sea area)

    19. shinkai kara no shisha (debiasu no teema)
    Messenger from deep sea (Devious' theme)

    20. furu no mahou toshi (suteeji 6)
    Old magical city (Stage 6)

    21. mochi mi ze*?*e (dopperugengaa no teema)
    Gazing/hoping *?* stopping *?* (Doppelgänger's theme)

    Soon, I will put the song titles of the second disk.
    I only have this first OST of this game. If I found the track list of Chocolate Night, I will be happy of helping.

    See you next time!

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    This is my first post though, hope the listing below come useful to you:

    Ragnarok Battle Offline Official Soundtrack - Adventurer's Inn
    ================================================== ============

    Released: 29 March 2005
    Original filename: [同人音楽] [フランスパン] Ragnarok Battle Offline Original Sound Track 『Adventuner's inn』 (CSP4 Lame3.93.1 VBR 192~320kbps)

    Al tracks composed by 来兎 (Lisa-Rec. ~ except for tracks 32~35.


    Disc 1

    01) RBOTA? 起動時ロゴ 来兎
    RBOTA? ~ Opening logo tune

    02) 砂塵の彼方へ OPテーマフルコーラス版
    Sajin no Kanata he ~ OP theme Full Chorus Version

    03) Afternoon Days~例えばそんな穏やかな午後に
    Afternoon Days ~ An example of a Quiet Afternoon ~ Bar

    04) さぁ冒険だ キャラクターセレクト
    The Beginnings of Adventure ~ Character Selection

    05) 悠久の風伝説 MAPセレクト
    The Legend of the Eternal Wind ~ Map Selection

    06) 空色のメロディ ステージ1
    Sky-blue Melody ~ Stage 1

    07) 幸せの青いウサギ エクリプスのテーマ
    Happy Blue Rabbit ~ The theme of Eclipse

    08) 頭文字G ステージクリア
    Initial G ~ Stage clear

    09) 灼熱の大地を越えて ステージ2砂漠エリア
    Crossing the Scorched Ground ~ Stage 2 Desert Area

    10) 地の底に蠢く ステージ2地下エリア
    Wriggling Underground ~ Stage 2 Underground Area

    11) Absolute Power マヤのテーマ
    Absolute Power ~ The theme of Maya

    12) 死者眠る聖域 ※サンプル再生中 ステージ3
    Sanctuary of the Sleeping Dead (low sample reproduction) ~ Stage 3

    13) Be Carefull! ステージ3大岩
    Be Carefull! ~ Stage 3 Large Boulder

    14) いたずら子狐大暴走 ウォルヤファのテーマ
    Mischievous Fox Child's Reckless Run ~ Theme of Wolyafa

    15) Jungle Strike~深き森の守人 ステージ4
    Jungle Strike ~ Custodians of the Deep Forest ~ Stage 4

    16) 超アニキと私 オークヒーローのテーマ
    Super Big Brother and Me ~ Theme of Orc Hero

    17) みずべのいきもの ステージ5
    Waterside Creatures ~ Stage 5

    18) ディープブルー~海底神話 ステージ5深海エリア
    Deep Blue ~ The Mythical Seabed ~ Stage 5 Deep Sea Area

    19) 深海からの使者 デビアスのテーマ
    Messenger from the Deep Sea ~ Theme of Deviace

    20) 古の魔法都市 ステージ6
    The Ancient Magical City ~ Stage 6

    21) 望ミ絶エ ドッペルゲンガーのテーマ
    Running Shadow ~ Theme of Doppleganger

    Disc 2

    22) Labyrinth Suite ステージ7
    Labyrinth Suite ~ Stage 7

    23) 女王降臨 ミストレスのテーマ
    Queen's Advent ~ Theme of Mistress

    24) 悪魔に魅せらせし者 バフォメットのテーマ
    Devil's Enchantment ~ Theme of Baphomet

    25) なんとかの一つ覚えですっ! ステージ8
    Somehow, Someone Remembers ~ Stage 8

    26) ラストバトル 洗脳カプラのテーマ
    Last Battle ~ Theme of the Brainwashed Kafra

    27) 百鬼夜行をぶった斬れ! ステージ???
    Beat Pandemonium! ~ Stage ???

    28) 夜明星 EDテーマ フルコーラス版
    Morning Star ~ Ending Theme Full Chorus Version

    29) 冒険者に送る鎮魂歌 ゲームオーバー
    An Adventurer's Requiem ~ Game over

    30) 歴戦の証 リザルト
    Proof of Experience ~ Result

    31) おやすみなさい ネームエントリー
    Good Night ~ Name Entry

    Bonus Track -Arrange Sound-

    32) 夕暮れの流れ星 Afternoon Days ~ 例えばそんな穏やかな午後に
    The Shooting Star of Twilight ~ Afternoon Days ~ An example of a Quiet Afternoon
    Composer: ESTi

    33) Despair 望ミ絶エ
    Despair ~ Running Shadow
    Composer: MintJam

    34) The Passionate Magic You Cast 古の魔法都市
    The Passionate Magic You Cast ~ The Ancient Magical City
    Composer: Bermei Inazawa

    35) Labyrinth Suite Alt ver. ~ Labyrinth Suite
    Composer: Masashi Yano

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