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Thread: **Wallpapers Rules/FAQ**

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    Default **Wallpapers Rules/FAQ**

    Table of Contents
    1. Rules for the Dazzle Us Wallpaper Sub-Forum
    2. Wallpaper Sub-Forum FAQ
    3. Warnings for explicit wallpapers : how to label
    4. Types of Posts Created by the Mods
    5. How to Request a Wallpaper
    6. How to Add Images to a Post


    1. Rules for the Dazzle Us Wallpaper Sub-Forum
    Here is a list of the rules here at the Wallpaper forums in Dazzle Us. It is still a part of the and forum group, so AF and AG rules still apply here as well.

    1) Be Respectful: Please no flaming or bashing! One of the major purposes for this forum is to get art critiqued. If you take offense easily, ask not to have your work critiqued otherwise it could result in a flame war. In turn, when discussing someone's work, remember that they took time to make it. Be helpful, not rude.

    2) Please be considerate of bandwidth: You are encouraged to post wallpapers on here, but please try to keep them a reasonable size and format. Images saved as BMPs can become extremely large, considerably decreasing loading time. Please save your files as JPGs and PNGs. Remember, people out there may be on modems, so loading a large image may take time. Also, please do not off-site link the images! The forum automatically makes preview thumbnails which are handy and saves on bandwidth. ATTACH THE IMAGE TO THE POST using the Manage Attachments button.

    3) Be careful with offensive images: if there is any nudity or heavy violence/blood in it, please give a warning in the subject or topic description. No graphic sex or heavy violence will be allowed. Do not just say "ecchi" or "hentai" because not everyone knows what those mean. Saying "panty shot" or "lots of blood" is more acceptable. See below for information on labling threads with explicit images.

    4) Please keep threads to one subject: This means that they should be about one wallpaper. If you have a wallpaper you want people to look at, please start your own thread. If you have multiple wallpapers you would like people to look at, it is usually a good idea to have a separate thread for each wallpaper.

    5) Only mods can post contests: Please contact MistressPookyChan if you would like to suggest a contest.

    6) No blantently off topic posts: This is a forum for anime wallpaper making. if it does not relate to making anime wallpapers or computer graphics, or cretiquing anime wallpapers, it will be closed and deleted. If you are not sure if your post is considered off topic, please contact a moderator before you post it so you will not get in trouble.

    check out for a complete listing of other forums on a variety of topics (anime, music, video games, etc)

    7) Misbehave and you will be kicked out!: If after talking to a person that is not following the rules , and they still won't follow them, they will be given an infraction (you can see your warning level under your avatar in the forums). If they continue to not follow the rules, will be banned from the forum. This place is a fun, happy place and doesn't need to be ruined by rude people.

    8) No swearing: In accordance with the rules of, no swearing is allowed on the forum. There are many youngin's around and others that do not appreciate a potty mouth. This includes swear words, discrimination and sexual content, and petty insults. Keep your language G-rated.

    9) No spamming!!!: This includes making posts to advertise your website. If you know of a site that will help in making anime wallpapers, put it in the "resource" threads. Signatures may include your website url! Other types of spam include "what's your favorite anime" types of posts or anything not having to do with anime wallpapers.

    10) Post with depth!: "Mistress, what do you mean by depth?" This thread is a resource thread. People use it to get feedback. Posting a very helpful post will be much more appreciated than a one-liner. For example...

    Bad Post : I give you a 8/10!

    Good Post :The wallpaper is very good. I like the swirls and the coloring. I also think you did a good job with placing the character and the text.

    Bad Post : nice!

    Good Post : I think you need to work on your coloring. The character looks very pixilated and the colors to not match the character. Also, the mood of the wallpaper is a bit off.

    Bad Post : n00b! try again.

    Let's help each other out by giving helpful feedback!

    11) Ripping: Ripping others' work and claiming it as your own is considered stealing and is now allowed. If we discover that the wallpaper is not yours, your thread will be closed and the appropriate warning will be issued.


    2. Wallpapers Sub-Forum FAQ

    1) "What is a wallpaper?": A wallpaper is an image that is on your desktop. Wallpapers are also popping up on other electronics such as PSPs and iPods. Wallpapers are made with computer imaging programs and come in a variety of themes, styles, and moods. In the Wallpapers forum, most wallpapers are 1024x768 to suit most desktops. However, larger resolutions and widescreen sizes, as well as wallpapers for PSPs, are becoming popular.

    2) "How can I add my wallpapers to": Check out the stickied threads on the top of the Wallpapers forum.

    3) *through private message* "What do you think of this wallpaper?": I love helping people out, but there is a WHOLE forum for getting help with wallpapers. Why not ask them? The people at the forum are incredibley helpful and have wonderful insight!

    4) "Where can i find anime images (tutorials, fonts, etc)": The first place to check are the Uploads and Editing Tips and Tutorial Forums in Dazzle Us. The stickied resource threads also provide links to help you with your wallpaper making.

    5)"Where can I get photoshop/paint shop pro/etc? It's so expensive!": Discussing warez and illegally obtaining programs is forbidden. It's illegal and could get and in trouble. If you cannot afford a particular program, use the many free programs out there or try trial versions of the popular programs.


    3. Warnings for explicit wallpapers : how to label
    In anime, there are often themes and images which may not be suitable for everyone. Because of this, it is essential to put a warning in the title of the thread. Something like "PG13", "adult", or "warning" would be fine and then state the specific warning in the thread: "chest", "panty shot", etc.

    Acceptable thread titles for mature wallpapers:
    *warning* NGE Rei wallpaper
    *PG13* Day at the Beach


    4. Types of Posts Created by the Mod
    When I do forum related posts, I use a system of titles. Here they are!

    [contest] : a contest thread. read the first post, and submit wallpapers for the contest

    [vote] : the thread is for information on voting for a contest

    [results] : announces the results of a contest. Usually a modification of a [vote] thread.

    [submit] : Everyone's favorite type of thread! This thread allows you to submit wallpapers to

    [mod] : Threads are random mod notes and housekeeping. These are the most important (but sometimes boring... sorry!) threads, so read them please!

    5. How to Request a Wallpaper

    1) States exactly what you want. This includes (but not limited to): the name of the anime/manga, the name of the character(s), the type of wallpaper style (tech, grunge, etc), the wallpaper size (1024x768, etc), the color (dark, light, purple, etc), focal point (left/mac, right/win)

    2) include an image you'd like used on the wallpaper. Please don't say you dont know where to look because there is a HUGE sticky thread full of links to incredible image galleries with large scan images. If the wallpaper-er is going through all the work of making you a wallpaper (yes, good wallpapers take A LOT of time), the least you can do is find them an image or two.

    3) be nice. No one is going to do a wallpaper with someone saying something like "make me a wallpaper of my bishie-boy NOW!". Please and thank yous can get you lots.


    6. How to Add images to your posts

    There is always someone that first arrives to the Wallpaper sub-forum and doesn't read the rules about *no off-site linking* to images. Then, there are some that don't know how to attach images. So, here is a tutorial!

    When starting a new thread
    1) Scroll down a little bit and click on the "manage attachments" button.
    2) Search for your file on your computer, then press "upload"
    3) close the pop-up. Viola! Your image is now thumbnailed on the post.

    When replying to a thread
    1) scroll to the bottom of the thread and click "Go Advanced"
    2) Use the same method as "When starting a new thread" listed above.

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