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Thread: The Guitarist: The Empty Vessal

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    Default The Guitarist: The Empty Vessal

    The sun it is shining and the people they pass
    With his string tongue a-moving like six blades of grass
    He screams out their feelings, their souls in his lung
    He floats through their brains till their essence is wrung
    Into him he drinks it and streams thoughts without thought
    How strange it would seem in the street of city where dreams are bought
    That one floats here on the sidewalk no dream but those
    Which come from other’s out from their cloths
    As they float with the scent of their brains
    Which blow through the city like invisible planes
    Streaming a message into his heart
    through his soul
    through his mouth

    “The woman is dreading all dreams which have gone
    Strung up and silent like a rug on the lawn
    Now walking in futures which sing from her past
    She is floating and screaming tossing the last
    Of her hope into something that she holds in a jar
    Floating formaldehyde preserved in a state
    Of growing but stopped now she feels only hate
    Towards the form of the seed which she bore
    Through so many shattered cold doors”

    Two or one pass by, which, no one can tell
    So blended and formless two sheets that would meld
    Their tongues they are beating and there forms are the same
    Dreaming in waking of the world that’s a game

    “So soft and sweet you will dream inside me
    As we beat against currents that flow from a sea
    Which is smelling of sulfur and sweat as we roll
    Cross the floor in blazing slumber paying a toll
    To earn some strange formless human soul
    And now he is stiff with the web of desire
    Which was falling like rain from a deep midnight fire
    And our silhouettes which play across the wall
    Will be joined into one with smell of your fall”

    And a girl on from a corner she watches him sing
    Her mind hard and beating is tied up with string
    And with a force from her mind she gives to his head
    Some gift he could treasure if she could hear what she said
    Deep at night, all alone, when there was none near
    She had screamed in a whisper her soft, loving fear
    How she wished he would hear and would strum to her chords
    The fast flowing dreams that are etched out in words.
    And as it passes the world bends all over again

    Sitting in silence he has no voice to his name
    All shrouded by music and some secret shame
    No one is near him he has nothing to think
    He wavers his hand through the string and he shrinks
    He’s so small as she he watches unseen from a far
    Looking through blackness which is waxed by a star
    And he sits, so dull, and so emotionlessly sad
    And she pines and comes out from the door
    As a setting sun cast fire cross the floor
    And she stands there and is watching
    The moon which will rise in his eye

    Thum thum thum thum thum thum thum thum thum thum
    “oh please don’t believe I could scream into you!
    All the words that are dying in me but are true
    Oh boy with your hands in your grave
    Stand up silent so that you can be brave
    And I will hold you in all that I am
    And I will tell I will clutch you in my lonely hand
    So please let me speak into you with my tongue
    And taste the mucus that floats in your lung
    Where are you sleeping? Where is your home?
    Are you truly so free and alone?
    Oh Aleena so soft and floating
    Dreaming of some dream that’s bloating
    Up itself on unrequited feelings
    From some icy thing which breaks and sealing
    You up in its bending fire
    Oh how you would love to feel that desire
    But you were stuck with just a lyre”

    She watch him scream out her feelings through tongues
    Melting her mouth into his with each strum
    And he felt her heart and told it to her
    He didn’t know it, it was just a blur
    And the chords faded fast to a stop
    He was there on the ground her on top
    And her twin rivers were flowing deep to his chest
    Where they fed a small lake which would rest
    Upon his heart for all time ever more
    Until it spread and it spilled cross the floor

    And her mouth was untied with the hands
    Of a god from Olympus who stands
    With two dreams in his chest and his soul
    And she begged all his was through a hole
    And as the sun crashed outside with a bang
    Of light which in the solitude rang
    With the patter of heart-filled words cross the sand
    Of some beach that was brushed by the hand
    Of her tongue which was twisting and thrashing
    Against the teeth with a stream hard and crashing

    And he just shook his head.
    His mouth was empty, void, not singing
    A vessal which moved so sad and screaming
    So silent he with words that flinging
    Themselves to the ground rolled over to die
    And he watched as she began to cry
    And sang out her pain through his teeth

    And she shut the door on me
    And left me there to freeze in seas
    While I now long to be
    So soft and screaming and so free
    Just like when I revealed
    My father’s secrets in my singing
    And how he bent and reeled
    With hands outstretched and voice still ringing
    I wander now alone
    As I taste spring fire and dream bone
    And how soft it is in side
    A skull so empty I can hide
    Tasting some delicious fire
    Free from all I want and desire
    Two float along the sky
    Pounding in some stranger’s eye
    While I devour their hearts
    And spew it out again and start
    Like crystal clear and soft
    I bend and rise with empty wings aloft

    And I am singing to feel where you are
    And I am screaming to feel where you are
    And I hear echoes that bounce round in me
    And I hear echoes that come from a sea
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    The tragedy of life comes not from pain, despair, sorrow, or even death; but the constant annihilating amnesia that begs us to forget we live.

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