Setting the scene: two men are laughing and joking within a camp in the forest. Hanging from trees are the bodies of dead animals, hunted by these two men. Some bodies are skinned, some will be soon. But it's getting late in the evening, and the fire is dying. One man sets off into the woods to gather more wood.

Wonder, wonder, if I may pause to ponder, where is my good friend Forester? "I'll be back with more wood for the fire, aye aye, yes sir." But he said that before the clock made the hour.

Darker, darker, the sky grows darker, yet still no signs of my friend Forester, although it's in him to wander to his desire and forget the wood for the fire.

Later, later, my worry sits in me to savor, "Where are you, Forester?"

*bushes rustle*

Wonder, wonder, I do pause to ponder, what was that o'er yonder, in the still of night; an animal looking for fonder?

Wander, wander, closer yonder, with a flash of lightening and crash of thunder, "Is that you, Forester?"

Monster, monster, beyond the brush and feeding on fleshy red fonder, which I recognize to be my former Forester. I fix on its yellow eyes and blood-dirt fur, its head of a goat, arms of a bear, and body of a cur. A moment it stops its feast and let it's eyes stir to a stare.

Harder, harder, as my heart beats louder, the body parts are torn asunder. And so...

Faster, faster, as my legs carried me farther, I pray, "Father, Father, help me escape from this monster." Then I, as a runner, made one terrible blunder. An ensanring root my efforts it did hinder, my foot's ankle becoming a broken twister.

Sinister, sinister is the monster standing over me like a damning minister, so I pause and ponder, "This is my finisher? Murder! Murder! You foul beast, you monster! Do the deed unto me as you did to Forester!"

It speaks, the monster does, "Hunter, hunter, I am the spirit of creatures dearer. Grimly do I look at the skinner, which is you and your 'Forester.' I am a killer, killer, but not a murderer, murderer. But you, sir, are a sinner!"

Hunger, hunger, it licks its lips in its hunger, and the scene becomes much more bloodier...