I don't know who submitted the COLORS lyrics, but I figure a lot of people come here for translations, because I see them using these lyrics quite often. But what they don't know is that they're severely misguided by the ones for this song. They are by far the most inaccurate I've seen. This being my favorite song for about 2 years, I've taken a lot of time out to figure out the English translations, using my Japanese skills as they continue to grow, and using my dictionaries. I think I've probably studied this song a little too much, but here is what I came up with. I know that for some of you, who might've relied on the other ones on the site for a long time, are going to be uncomfortable seeing something they aren't used to, but /please/ believe me!

While worrying about the illusion reflected in the mirror,
Everything unnoticeably speeds up.

When it's said I'm free to go wherever,
The guides for my incomplete desire all turn grey

The swaying flames paint my dreams tonight
The tip of your brush isn't dried up?

You can see the blue sky if you open your blue umbrella
That isn't good? The canvas is yours.
A white flag is only raised when one has given up
But now let it be crimson, like the beckoning matador

Under the discoloring florescent light,
We met by chance on the black and white of a chessboard
There was once a time when you and I lost our way, and held each other close.
It's been a month since then- do you remember?

Watching the orange colors of the setting sun with you was enough to make me happy
But words are the source of catastrophe
Black clothes are only worn when praying for the dead
The mark of rouge leaves behind deep red with a purpose

If you say to yourself you can only paint pictures without dreams,
How many times must I paint over the canvas? (Or, paint over the canvas as many times as you like)
A white flag is only raised when one has given up
Now I'm a color you don't know.