This is my first poem(as in here!)!
Please enjoy^.^

The pain I suffer,
just to be loved.
The pain I feel,
Not a single help from above.

The feelings I felt,
The problems I dealt.
The fears I face,
Without any grace.

Nothing but sorrow,
no hope for tomorrow.
Just let my tears turn into a flood,
just take my blood.

I'm a disgrace to the society,
I'm a disgrace to all,
I'm even a disgrace to myself.
I can't even stand tall.

The days I pray,
just for faith,
it may,
never come.

I have failed to live,
Failed to give.
I only live to hate myself and others.
Never to get along with no one together.

The blood I hold,
feels like it's cold.
My blood soaks the earth that is dry.
Oh, the tears I have cry.

I've got my wish.
I am dead.
This is what I wanted.
Take my soul, while you're ahead.

I don't want to live in heaven, neither do hell,
That's all I wanted to tell.
To live I have fail.

Yeah, it sucks -.-;;;

Just felt like writing a poem...